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Website Software Updates & Maintenance

Back Up Your website and keep it running healthy

Software updates are critically
important for your website. Most
modern websites utilize small
applications, called plug-ins that
usually need annual or bi-annual
updates in order to function
correctly as software advances and

Why Opt-In For Website Software Updates & Maintenance?

Once the website has been published to the server, it is up the the website owner to maintain their hosting bills and/or take measures to keep the website updated by contacting the web developer to see what options they have to offer in that regard.

My Hosting Provider Includes Backups. Why Save My Website Elsewhere?

Backups on the local machine must happen. Just using the server backup is not enough. There are several reasons for this but the biggest one is that if for any reason your website goes down because your hosting service has not been paid for, and the hosting company’s policy has a time-frame before permanent account deletion, all of the work that has been put into the website will be lost and then you’re looking at having to pay for a rebuild. Remember, keeping up with hosting services are the responsibility of the website owner, not the developer who has built it.

This means you would pay full price for a website you could have easily restored by paying a small fee to have backed up on a local drive while being maintained.