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Website Content Updates & Maintenance

Adding New Content to your website on a regular basis

Maintaining your business’s website can be
deemed a luxury in some people's opinions but it is critical to keep
your website up and running as to avoid any
potential loss of revenue or customers.

what happens to your website if you do not
keep it up-to-date and populated fresh with
new content regularly?

The Search Engine Results Are Directly Affected

It’s important to view your website as an entity that needs to stay alive–with fresh content. An active website is welcoming to new visitors, telling them that you care. A static website is off-putting, showing your potential clients that you might not have  anything new to offer.

A static website might also appear differently to search engines, impacting your placement in the search results. Other more recently updated sites could push your website further down the list, even if your content and SEO is strong.

When you keep adding new content to your website, your website will be indexed more frequently. This does not automatically give you higher indexing, but if you are frequently adding relevant and quality content to your site, your ranking could increase. Don’t just add new content for the sake of adding content, make sure it is quality content which reflects your brand.

Examples of Content Additions and Updates