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Since well before the debut of the television, people have been using audio and visual methods to communicate ideas to their friends, family, customers, bosses, and many others. Society would use one of them to make an appeal, then as our technology would advance we will see the integration of both audio and visual appeal being utilized in the form of a video. The video has the ability to convey ideas that a picture alone and a song or message over the radio cannot convey alone and you or your business’ website may have a message to convey to visitors. Maybe you would like to convey the message that you are an incredible stuntman or maybe you would like to introduce yourself to the many visitors of the website and tell them about yourself directly, but what video platform is the one most appropriate for you and your website?


YouTube is the reigning king of all video platforming. It is known by all and revered as a remarkable video sharing medium where a range of needs can be met from troubleshooting your car to simply finding your own forms of entertainment through music videos or personal vlogs. Founded in February 2005, YouTube would grow into an innovative video search engine where users can upload, share, view, comment and rate videos.

YouTube Pros

The Population
Audience is critical and it will always be, but just know that YouTube has an enormous one. Now revered as the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube has a population of 1 billion users, which is approximately one-third of the internet. YouTube averages out to 6 billion hours of view time in each month and 100 hours of video are being uploaded per minute. One of the greatest pieces of knowledge to grasp is that these great numbers are becoming even greater by the day. The numbers surrounding this platform is very promising for both you and your website.

Google Supported
Unlike other video streaming and sharing platforms, YouTube has been bought by Google for $1.65 Billion. It works out smoothly for the ones who are asking questions on Google. In the video section for your searches online, Google will have a variety of videos to show you and YouTube videos are highly favored by the search engine.

You Won’t Have to Spend a Dime
Other video platforming websites will charge you if you come to their site and attempt to upload a video or perform other sorts of functionalities. YouTube will not charge you a penny unless you aim to sign up for YouTube Red, which is only a mere $10.00 a month, which is something that will never be forced upon you. You can be a devoted YouTube user for years on end and you will never have to hand over a dollar to give them support.

YouTube Cons

Editing a Video
YouTube may provide us with an astounding service, but it lacks in giving the user an ability to edit a video that has already been uploaded. Other video platforms may give us the ability to make changes, but YouTube forces the user to edit the video on their own and then replace the video. Not only that, but if your video is deleted or taken down then the stats for your video are completely wiped, even if you upload a replacement video.

Access Restrictions
Depending on your audience and/or your company, you or your target audience may suffer limited access to YouTube. Their restrictions may not enable you or them to view any one of the videos on your website because of the restrictions. In scenarios like these, it would be best for you to switch to another platform.

Copyright Infringement

YouTube has the ability to automatically detect copyright infringement upon upload, so your video may get the ban hammer depending on the content. As inconvenient as it may be, you can avoid this by changing the content in your video that violates YouTube’s copyright guidelines.


Vimeo is yet another video platforming website that allows users to also upload, rate, comment on, share, and view videos. It was founded in 2004 and is preferred by many over YouTube for their websites because of various standards or qualities that need to be met or present. It may not be as well-known as YouTube, but in some aspects, you may want to consider using Vimeo over YouTube for your own requirements.

Vimeo Pros

Editing after Upload

Are you paranoid about making mistakes fatal to your video? Maybe you are the type to nitpick a little more than you should. Regardless, Vimeo has a feature that allows you to make changes to a video you have previously uploaded. You also have no need to worry about the loss of views, likes, or the link being changed as Vimeo is a platform that will let you hold onto these statistics, even through an upload.

No Ads
YouTube is running on revenue accumulated by advertisements, but Vimeo spares you of that. Because of their paid membership program, their funds are more self-sufficient and independent, allow you to stream on their website free of annoying advertisements.

Higher Quality
Speaking from both interpersonal testimony and personal experience, I will say that Vimeo has a higher quality on average for their videos. Their audio and visuals are overall more clean and crisp than YouTube, which sometimes has videos running on 240p or even 144p.

Vimeo Cons

Smaller Audience

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo holds a smaller population of about 170 million. One who does not traverse on the internet frequently are not as likely to know what Vimeo is in comparison to YouTube, making it a less efficient platform for advertisement or promotion to utilize.

Limited Uploads and Cost

Vimeo features a membership program that will grant you different member statuses. Depending on these statuses, you will be granted the ability to upload more or you will be burdened with less to work with. If you seek to upload numerous videos, many would shy away from Vimeo and towards YouTube, as it is all completely free over there and the user can upload as much as they would like.

Commercial Restrictions

A business will have to put their names out there and if your choice for video promotion is by utilizing the medium that is Vimeo, let me inform you that you are required to go Pro. This is not a very inexpensive option and if you attempt to promote yourself or your business on Vimeo without going Pro, then your video is subject to being taken down.

Which One is Right for Me?

Both Vimeo and YouTube are platforms that are designed well and can serve you just as well, but the question still stands: “Which one should I use?” The answer to that is quite simple: “It depends.” Seek out your own personal needs or your company’s needs and compare the circumstances to the features of both sites. You can choose one platform over the other to best match the situation you are in. I hope you will find the video platform to your liking.