Why Website Speed is Important

Site Speed is becoming a more and more important aspect of SEO rankings. Google will start to use site speed as a ranking factor for its mobile-first index. This makes it much more important to have a site which loads quickly.

In addition to be an important part of your SEO, site speed is also an important aspect of the effectiveness of your website, as well as the happiness of your customers. If a site takes longer than ten seconds to load, many customers will actively be deciding if they have the time to stick around as the site loads.

Site speed has been an important indicator of the quality of your site, but it will now be an actual ranking factor. Having a site which loads in 1-3 seconds boosts your rankings. While you can still maintain average ranking with average speeds, it will be harder to raise these rankings without taking the site speed into consideration.

Another aspect to take into consideration is utilizing a site design which does not hinder its speed, or make the site look slow and laggy to customers on slower internet connections. Updating the mobile design of your site could help shave time off your loading speed, which would work to increase your rankings as well as increasing the positive customer reactions to your site.

When testing the speed of your site, multiple aspects of the speed of your site are measured. These include First Contentful Paint, the time it takes for the user to see a visual response from your page, and DOM Content Loaded, the time it takes to fully render the requested page. These two elements both impact the full speed of your site and the positive or negative reaction visitors to your site experience.

When increasing the speed of your site, make sure to remember that the content of your site must be able to be interacted with by your customers. If your site loads quickly, but it takes longer for users to interact with the content, this will negatively impact the reaction from your customers. Making a site that is fast, feels fast, and responds to users quickly is a very important aspect of designing and maintaining a website. Loading important content and functionality on mobile versions of your site before loading additional images and animations should be a priority.

Google will be using site speed as a ranking factor, which will impact your SEO score, but how you achieve your increased site speed is just as important when it comes to the positive and negative reactions of customers coming to your site and deciding if they will wait for the aspects of the site they need to load completely.

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