Truck Stop Series

Maximum Overdrive is an hour long weekly horror/comedy about Bill and a band of random misfits stuck in a truck stop, trying to survive the world after a passing comet turns everything electric into rage filled killing machines.

Maximum Overdrive introduces Bill-our hero, stealing a hotter than hot car. He is blackmailed into attempting to steal an even better car and winds up in prison for four years after taking a rather savage beating from Floyd Mayweather-owner of the Koenigsegg Agera- Bill’s latest conquest… sort of. A setup, a beating and thus begins our heroes tale of redemption.

An easily pushed and pulled Bill has no real ambitions except to do what is easy and live life on his own terms. This is turned on its head when he is pushed into fighting for his life in prison against a corrupt warden and his cronies. As we come to know Bill, we learn that this is not new in his life. He’s pushed into stupid shit from his asshole Daddy on wards and he has never broken the pattern…until prison.

In prison he decides to strike out-in a move that sets the tone for the series. Bill trudges along before self preservation takes over and he begins to fight for more than just himself.