Tour De Italy

Tour de Italy is a local, family-owned restaurant located across from Piedmont Hospital in Fayetteville, Georgia. We strive to redefine the pizza experience by using solely fresh ingredients on our homemade dough. It truly is love at first bite, and many of our customers can attest to that! Being emotionally invested and genuinely caring about each person who dine with us allows us to provide that taste of New York that so many people relentlessly search for. One slice of our hand tossed pizzas that are cooked in our stone brick ovens will leave you satisfied and wanting more! Our crisp salads, calzones, strombolis, subs, pastas, and desserts will have you raving about how we are, the perfect destination for a tour for your taste buds! So come on in, dine outside, enjoy a glass of wine, and you will agree that Tour de Italy is, indeed, tourdelicious!