Relationship between Websites and Social Media

Whether you have a brand, a product, a show, a business, a production or all the above, an online presence is most necessary. The two principal tools to establish an online identity are websites and social media account(s). If you analyze the two, you can find more use in one than the other depending on what you’re marketing exactly. However, having both mitigates potential shortcomings from neglecting one. The two approaches carry the same goal with different methods of achieving it. In the end both having a website and social media are supposed to help your business prosper. If used correctly, the two create a harmonious relationship that’ll securely establish one’s online presence.


Creating a website is most important for your business or company. It’s often the first place people go when they look for you specifically. If someone does a web search for something they need/want, you want your website to be the first thing they navigate to. There’s also a professional reassurance to businesses that have their own websites that businesses without them don’t have. Buying the right domain make a large difference. If someone can navigate your website they can navigate the resources you offer as a whole.

Social Media:

Social Media connects entire world. Users unite through posts, pictures, videos, chats, shout outs, streams, and more. For businesses it’s the way you truly connect with your audience specifically. Users who see that either a business (or an individual they seek business from) has social media, they have opportunities to ask questions directly, get looks at new projects, and even in some cases, get exclusive deals or promotions. Connecting to your audience directly and speaking to them openly quickly turns followers into clients. Collaboration with business partners are easier than ever to establish.

What separates the two is ultimately what brings them together. Without a website your business lacks a major marketing tool and loses that professional edge. Without social media you lose the connections to the world and our audience. Companies that have both however seem professional, established, official, and approachable. You should use them to promote each other, in turn, promotes you.

You can do more than a simple set of social media icons on your website as well. Plenty of websites have a section somewhere displaying the latest tweets of that business’s twitter account. Users see that immediately know what their interested in has social media and may be inclined to follow.

Most social media apps/sites have bio sections. This is a good place to put a link to your site. There’s no shame in putting links in multiple locations. On Instagram, giveaways and promo codes are some of the easiest ways stores have gotten to get followers.

  • Layout a set of instructions (similar to these).
  • Present prize or discount opportunity
  • Have them follow you and tag a friend.
  • Direct them to your website.

It can’t be seen as simply establishing an online presence in your hand or your computer. Both are necessary to truly put yourself on the radar of the most potential client.